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Your opinion isn't supported by the facts. You may not like unions for your own reasons. But the reason you've stated is false. So you'll need to reposition your argument.


Edit:. If a company allows 5 workers to do the work of that a union shortcoming or is it the result of bad company management who sent a bunch of inept negotiators who either ignored or lacked the data to negotiate a contract.?? The union negotiated to it's best position. Is it the unions fault if management fails to do the same?? Hardly.
The end customer pays for union bs and how they bully and strong arm. I worked for a company who was bought by Bosch and about 5 years later management laid the law on job classes (5 people doing the work of 2) and hospitalization insurance (unitize with the salary program). The union was unwilling to budge and voted themselves out of a job. Not the smartest.
1 - 4 of 68 Posts