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Remember my inappropriate comment about BW Arkansas?

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What I meant to say is, that I'm looking forward to spending time in Little Rocket next month on business.

Any good sporting clays clubs near by? Any recommendations for BBQ in Memphis?

In the words of Boy George, karma, karma, karma, karma, karma, chameleon
1 - 16 of 16 Posts sure about shooting in the big rock.....but when you come to Memphis i am a member of MSSA over here, and if you pm me we can get together and you can be my guest! 15 station sc course open everyday to members! Also first sat of each month is the monthly shoot! BBQ in Memphis is very opinionated but i know the"best" one and its not fancy and a little in the hood( OK we all know Memphis is entirely hood)!!
The Blue Rock Gun Club is located in North Little Rock. It's a nice place and the course runs along the Arkansas River. It is members only, but if you can hook up with Tommy Browning, or give the club a call, they might can fix you up.

Hope you have a great time in my old home state.

Well hell, if you're going to Memphis anyway you may as well stop in at the Willows at Tunica. That's in eastern Arkansas. Oh, wait a minute, maybe it's in Mississippi that week.....or maybe Tennessee.....

I'm confused, that place moves around so much I can't keep up with it. :roll:

We can go to the Willows as well! Host of the 2010 US Open! I shoot there alot as well!
Interstates BBQ is pretty hard to beat (IMO). They have one of their places at the airport and when i use to have a layover there, that's where you'd find me.
Thanks for all the info guys. I'm in Fla for a few days. When I get back to CA i'll set something up.
You can get BBQ at any little roadhouse up and down need to to try Texas de Brazil near the Peabody Hotel.

You can thank me later (unless you are a vegetarian :lol: )
Whoa, Brad is coming to fly-over country!!!
Hey buddy, let us know when you are going to be in Memphis, I was working over there last weekend and shot the QU shoot at the Willows.
Nice place. Good targets!
wish i would have known you were down! I shot the QU shoot as well! Next time your coming down let me know!
I was working at the Bass Pro Store that week and they were one of the sponsors so I got to shoot on their "team." Spent most of my time trapping, scoring and instructing and not paying attention to my own shooting and as a result my shooting suffered. Otherwise, I only had to pay my NSCA fees and Bass Pro picked up the rest so I can't complain. I may be down in the area again soon as our new returns center is in Olive Branch, MS. Will let you know when I am in teh area.
Thanks for all the help guys. Now I'm in Chicago for a few days (Zone 5).

If I only have time to shoot one club in the greater Little Rock/Memphis area, which one do you suggest? I'm looking for the nicest club, with the best scenery, and good targets.

I live in So Cal, so a 2 hour drive is a ride around the block for me.
I'd would go to the WIllows in Tunica MS! Or if you just want to mess around and see what the local club as to offer, pm me and ill take you out there! It Both have 5 stand, trap, skeet and 14-15 Station SC Ranges!
Willows, would get my vote also.
OK, The Willows it is.

Is anybody free on Saturday Oct 31st for a rounds of clays and 'que?
Let me know a little closer to date as my young memory is bad, but you can count on me bein there!
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