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The shot cup depth you describe sounds like it is the R12L wad designed for 1 oz loads but the R12L is a two tier leg wad. There are only two Rem wads that have single tier legs and both of them are for 1 1/4 oz shot...SP12 = shot cup depth is 15/16" and petals are only slit 1/2-way down, length is 1 9/16"; RP12 = shot cup is approx 1" deep and wad length is about 1 1/2". The R12H was designed for hi-velocity 1 1/8 oz loads but had a very narrow second tier leg section. The RXP wad is a 2-tier leg (1 1/8 oz) wad with a shot cup depth about 13/16" deep. The other wads are fig-8 or TGT12.....I think Rem discontinued one of their wads (w23694 - old designation but I'm not first edition Lyman manual is up at my brother-in-law's house so I can't double check) Again, my best guess is that it is the 1 oz wad r12L (old designation is W29922) Sorry I can't be more help. The All American was my Dads favorite shell to load....he used the LAGE wad which was self adjusting and about 21 grs of PB with 1 oz shot....all of his loading manuals are up at my sisters house.....if you want I will get this info for you but it will take a few days.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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