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I have read through the above thread and will look at the ring (once I get clarification on which ring it is), but was hoping that someone may have additional suggestions on the ejection problem.

The 11-48 belongs to a friend, so I do not know the history of it. The problem is that it will only fire one shot, and the shell remains in the chamber, with the breechbolt assembly not moving at all. He taps (?) the butt on the ground, and this loosens the mechanism enough for him to manually eject the spent casing.

I just picked up the gun a few minutes ago, so have not looked at it, but he tells me it is well cleaned, so foreign material is probably out of the question.

Can anyone provide any insights as to the potential/probable causes for this problem and the remedies as well?

Thanks all!


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Well, there wasn't the flood of suggestions that I was hoping for, but as it turns out the problem seems to be solved.

Apparently the cleaning that it received was not as thorough as the GS claimed (odd, as I know the GS and this is not like him), for when I disassembled it for an initial examination, it was quite dirty. A complete disassembly and a couple of hours cleaning and it has no trouble ejecting spent shells.
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