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Remington 1100 breakdown

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Had a slight mishap yesterday.Took a couple of my semi's out for stress therapy and after 3 rounds through my 1100 it broke in half. I was left holding the stock in my right hand and the rest of the gun in my left.It looks like the spring tube broke off the receiver.Anyone ever have this happen before?I still have all my digits and besides having to change my drawers,I was not injured.
Dont know why it happened .

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(9/21/02 3:12:31 pm)
Reply The Remington Manual is clear
The Remington Manual, on page 44X, specifically states that assembly of the Model 1100 should not be attempted with consumption of more than two Manhattans, more than six beers, more than 3 bourban/seven (they go on to list others) because there is a strong possiblity that if these limits are exceeded, while assembling your shotgun, that the gun could BREAK IN TWO WHILE SHOOTING. Right there on page 44X.

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(9/21/02 4:12:41 pm)
Reply Remington manual
well for one thing I dont drink alcohol,on the other hand
this must of happened before for them to put it in the manual. I have not taken it apart except to clean the barrel.Anyway think I will junk the remingtons in my vast collection and stick with the mossbergs

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(9/21/02 4:58:08 pm)
Reply On a more serious note
If you had the gun apart, before you install the barrel, make sure the barrel support clup is in the receiver opening. The clip is the sheet metal piece that clatters along the rails of the action assembly. The clip may not look like much, but it acts as a wedge to keep the barrel properly positioned in the receiver.

If you want to scrap that gun, I would be interested in its purchase. Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested. Use Jay as go-between....he doesn't drink Manhattans either.


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(9/21/02 11:25:56 pm)
Re: On a more serious note
Hey Dommster and RemingtonII,
Let me know what I can do to help.
Sorry to hear about the mishap, Dommster.
Jay Gentry

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(9/23/02 6:37:50 am)
Reply Thanks anyway
Appreciate the offer, but I gave it to my Bro.He wanted it and is going to have it fixed.Still dont know why it snapped like that but as they say $%IT HAPPENS.Thanks again
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Sorry to hear about your delemma, simply contact REMINGTON and they will make arrangements with you to return the gun back to them, and install a new action spring tube.
Glad to hear you are all right.
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