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Remington 1100 recoil pad

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I am having an awfull time trying to find the Remington R-3 pre fit pad for my 1100. I have emailed remington but as yet no reply. I am hoping that someone on this forum will be able to help me out. To make sure we are on the same sheet of music, here are some specifics.
This is a Pre 99, Remington 1100 semi auto, with wood stock and plastic butt plate.

I have checked with Brownells, Midway, Cheaper than dirt, Gun smiths in my area and several other outlets to no avail. I checked on the Remington site and they have the R-3 for the synthetic stock but not mine. This poor old 1100 is begining to feel left out.
Anybody out there in e-land that can help me out???? Sure hope so.

Thanks in advance.
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Email the boys at Limbsaver and ask them which one will fit your gun along with their part number. Once you're armed with that try cabelas, bass pro.
jlptexashunter Thanks. Doing so at this time.
I actually called out there to Limbsaver about six months ago and asked them directly about my 1100 Sporting (with wood), and whether they had a pre-fit for it. No-go. The one they list on their site for the 1100 Synthetic is made exclusively for the synthetic stock, and will not fit onto the wood stock (at least without modification). It's best known for being on the new 1100 Competition Master. Be sure and check the excellent video detailing this gun along with the Limbsaver located here: ... master.htm

Check here for all the manufacturers and models it fits on:

You can also purchase their "grind-to-fit" version located here: ... d2fit.aspx

You just download & print their templates located here: ... lates.aspx

and grind away... :roll: Call 'em and BUG 'em like I did... :wink:
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Thanks for the info. I did as you said and bugged them. They are nice people over there and said that one of their templates will fit my 1100, I just have to find out which one. Then I saw CLAYSHOOTER's thread and I have emailed Clayshooter to see which pad was the correct one. When I get the part number I will send it to you if you still want it. I almost ordered one of the grindable ones but then decided I would wait a bit. Glad I did now. If all turns out well with the 1100 I will see what I can find for my ZOLI sxs.
Sorry I didn't notice your PM until today. I'm pretty new to the forum and didn't realize I had a pm. Anyway, here's my update... I printed out the templates from limbsaver and matched up what I thought was closest. Went to my local gunshop and got the one I thought would fit. Brought it home and it didn't fit. Took it and my 1100 back to the shop. They got out their copy of the same templates and tried to match up. No luck. There was one that was about 1/8 inch too big all around. They said they could professionally install it. Didn't want to do that, I just want a pre-fit recoil pad. I can't believe they don't make one. If anyone can help us out, I'd greatly appreciate it also. BTW my 1100 is a 2003 laminated stock with matte finish. I just love it but the recoil pad is brown rubber & pretty stiff.
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Thanks for the response Clayshooter. I guess we will just have to wait and see if someone comes up with a match. My 1100 is pre 99 wood. We just might have to go to a limbsaver slip on.
Thanks again
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