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Remington 1100 vs 11-87

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I'm shopping for my first semi-auto and, after going thru the opinions forum, seem to be zeroing in on an 1100 or 11-87. Could some of you guys enlighten me to the differences between the two models? It will be used mostly for quail, some dove and, occasionally, casual trap shooting. I prefer lighter guns and lean towards 16 or 20 gauge. Also, I will be hitting the pawn shops looking for a deal on a used one. Thanks for your input...
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if your going to be buying the 20 ***** i would definatly go withe the 11-87 the ablity to shoot the 3" shells is huge. you can get the remington hevi shot for 20 gauge in 3" and those make all the difference in the world. also the weight of the 11-87 and the 1100 is the same. i owned an 1100 and i actually sold it so i could get a 20 gauge that shot the 3" shells. you can pick a 11-87 20 gauge up from walmart for around 550 bucks. money well spent if you ask me
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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