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Remington 1100 vs 11-87

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I'm shopping for my first semi-auto and, after going thru the opinions forum, seem to be zeroing in on an 1100 or 11-87. Could some of you guys enlighten me to the differences between the two models? It will be used mostly for quail, some dove and, occasionally, casual trap shooting. I prefer lighter guns and lean towards 16 or 20 gauge. Also, I will be hitting the pawn shops looking for a deal on a used one. Thanks for your input...
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So the big difference between the two is that the 1100 was originally designed for upland and the 11-87 is chambered for 3 inch, allowing larger game hunting? (i.e. duck, geese, turkey...)
I read somewhere that the 11-87 is balanced at the receiver and the 1100 is balanced towards the forearm. The foreward balance is thought to aid in a smooth follow thru on wing shots. Any thoughts on this? I hunt the Arizona low and high deserts. Typical quail hunting here is you find them in the river bottoms, get off a few shots before they fly to the highest hill top they can find (in some cases, mountain). You climb up the the hill, find them, get off a few more shots where upon they fly back to the river bottom. You climb back down the hill and repeat as necessary. :oops: Now you know why we like light guns!! It's a great work-out.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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