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I don't know where you experts get your information at, but I own a Remington 1200 shotgun and I am not a marine. It is a very nice 12 ***** semi-automatic shotgun with a blued barrel and frame and a very nicely finished wodden stock and wooden forearm. It holds 5 rounds plus the one in the chamber. Has a manual button safety a modified choke barrel and can pump out 12 ***** lead, slugs, gameshot, buckshot or skeet loads as fast as you can squeeze the trigger or until your shoulder can't take the recoil anymore. My shotgun was purchased by my father back in the late 70's or early 80's. I am not sure exactly when he bought it, but he bought it brand new and it looks as new today as the day he brought it home. He's not with us anylonger, so I am the new proud owner of this fine remington 12 ***** shotgun. I would definitely like to know the current value of this fine shotgun, because they simply do not make gubs the way they used to back in the American Made with quality days.
I also have a 20 ***** "Hercules single shot shotgun with Montgomery Wards Stamp-ed on it" I am sure this was also another fine hunting shotgun made available via the old time Monkey Wards stores, as dad used to call it. Any idea what that jewel is worth? It is not in "new condition" but is in great shape except for a missing front site "bead" that has unscrewed from the barrel and is missing. Other than that it too is a fine single shot 20 *****. Oh and least but not last, I have a 9mm HELWAN Brigadier Egyption made semi-auto pistol just like what the Israeli Defense Forces used to carry before they switched to Glocks. Any one interested in buying one of these or have an idea of their true value, let me know at [email protected] or reply here.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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