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Remington 870 express

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I went to a local gun dealer and i looked at the youth models and they seemed way too small like bb guns almost and i picked up an adult model 870 and it fit me perfectly my arm isn't too stretched out the stock is perfect for my right arm to fit to the triger (by the way its a 20 *****) I went and shot it today and it shoots very nice. Quite accurate. this is wat it looks like Thanks for yalls advice it helped.
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I just got a remington model 870 express for my birthday and haven't shot it yet. When i dry fired it in my backyard i realized it is very hard to pump the gun again. I dont know why this is happening but there is a piece that keeps getting stuck behind the chamber and it wont let me pull the pump back. If anybody knows why this is doing this please email me at [email protected].

thank you

Try shooting it before you worry about it.
Guest @ [email protected].

"You've got mail"

I sent you what I thought could be the problem.

Hope it helps.

How 'bout registering? Always plenty of room here on the forum.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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