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Remington 870 Finishes

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I have a question hopefully one of you can answer. I have an 870P MAX with the parkerized finish. I'm looking for a 26 or 28 inch ventilated barrel with a matching finish and adjustable chokes and pretty close if not matching finish. I've seen the Remington ads showing a matte finish and I'm not sure if that is the same thing. I've sent a couple of e-mails to Remington asking the same question and have as of yet to receive a response. I have a stock forend to replace the Surelight forend when I go hunting (I don't want to look too commando-like when I'm in the field hunting pheasent and duck.) I also am looking for a magazine plug to limit the capacity to three shells which is state law in Illinois. The magazine plug will need to work with the factory Remington magazine extention. I figure if worse comes to worse I can probably make one. But if there is one for sale that is less than $20.00 then it's worth my time and effort to buy it. Any help you guys and gals can provide would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
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the remington matte finish barrels are blued over bead blast finishes. I'd find the barrel you want then get it parkerized if possible. i hear parkerizing is not to hard to do, but not sure if the original finish needs to be stripped off.

i have a 30 inch blued bbl with a VR sight and was thinking about cutting it down someday and putting a choke in it.

You will have to make you own because the police models never have a vent rib.
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