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remington 870 new?????????????

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can anyone tell me where i can purchase a brand new 18" Remy 870 at a decent price here in Houston, Tx or on the web? I think academy had them for like $349. They have to be on sell somewhere. i want one for home protection :twisted:
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Academy has the 28" 12 Ga on sale for $229 + you get the $30 mail in rebate form Remington. Not sure about avail or $ of the 18" new but you can buy the 18" barrel for around $100.
if you have a Dick's in your area, watch their sales. mossberg 930 comes in a home security model.
I would say that NuClayGuy found you about the best price I have ever heard of on a new 870. What a deal! In own an old 870 and can tell you you wouldn't regret buying one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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