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Remington 870 reassemble problem

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I have had the same problem puting my 870 back together twice, the first time I ran out of time before Sept. 1 and had to take it to a smith, this time I'm going to figure it out so I can field clean and oil it, so hopefully someone else has same problem and can help me. When I go to put the Breech Bolt on the Slide Block and then on the Action Bars, It lets me press the right shell latch but gets stuck after that and the left shell latch doesn't budge, therefore the action bars will not go all the way in. If anyone has any help on this matter I would greatly appreciate it.


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(7/23/02 12:30:06 am)
Remington 870 reassemble problem
There are two thinks I can think of that might cause a problem. The hammer should be in a cocked position before assembly. If it is uncocked, the bolt will hit the hammer and not move any further.

If the hammer is cocked, after passing the right and left shell latch, the bolt comes in contact with the action bar lock (left front of trigger guard). Press up on the action bar lock and the bolt should slide to the rear.

If the bolt and slide block get stuck between the right and left shell latches, then the slide block may not be seating in the notches on the action bars correctly.

I hope this helps. Matt

A PDF copy of the owners manual is available at the Remington Web Site:

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(7/23/02 10:33:42 am)
Re: Remington 870 reassemble problem

Thanks for the reply. I tried that b4 with no luck. I think I'll have to take it to a gunsmith because I noticed the trigger plate pin hole on the receiver casing does not line up with the
pin hole on the left shell latch, this may be my problem, and I don't want to go pounding around in there as clumsy as I am.
Again thanks for your help and i'm glad I found this forum for any other questions I might have.

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Your shell stop needs to be restaked, until you have this done simply insert a small punch in the trigger pin hole and shift shell stop back to postion, really it is no big deal once you get the hang of it.

anybody have graphics showing the disassemby of the 870 trigger
Here is a you tube on reassembly...

There are some others on the side bar with details to view.
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