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Remington 870 vs. Benelli Nova???

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I own a 870 express magnum pump which wont hold the 31/2" shells which i would like to use for goose hunting. I really like the look of the nova pump in the camo but should i get another pump just to hold 31/2" shells. What have u guys heard about either. Let me know what you think. Thanks
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Any reason to buy another gun is always a good reason!!!That being said, while I have not had any previous experience with the Benelli, the Remington 870 Super Magnum is a fantastic shotgun. I've had mine for almost 2 years now and have never had a moments trouble with it.I have heard (and read it on a post here) that the Benelli has a longer stroke than the Remington. It may take a little getting used to. See the post under Gun Opinions / Mossburg Shotguns.Either shotgun should fit the bill nicely. The bottom line is going to be which one fits you better and which one you would feel more comfortable with.
I own an 870 and it is usually a reliable gun. Last winter I was shooting remington gun club 3 inch 2's with it and it was jamming consistently. The guide handed me his Nova, covered in rust and looking like hell, and it went through two more boxes of the same crappy shells without a hitch. It certainly is an ugly gun even when it is not beat to hell but it goes bang every time.
I've read a lot of these posts, hunted,upland and waterfowl with a model 870, (20g, 12g, and 12g supermag) almost always in adverse weather my whole life and Tom is the first person I have ever encountered who mentioned they have had trouble with their 870.
Shot a regular 870 for some years. Top bidder on the DU Benelli Nova. 3.5" BBB lets the air out of Canada geese in a hurry. Some evenings, I have to wash the mud off the gun in the sink. Fine with 2.75" x #6 for Ruffed grouse. Buy it: you're not looking at a Purdy.
I have several 870's and I have never had any problems with them. I have one Nova, bought it for curiosity sake. I have not had good luck with it shooting field loads or 3.5's. It jams on occasion, the extractor does not turn loose of the hull. It does seem to have a longer stroke than the super mag but not enough to bother me. I duck hunt alot and know alot of people shooting Nova's and they like them. I think I will like mine too once I get the extractor fixed. I really think it has been bent somehow and it is probably my fault.
I just bought a Nova today, broke it in with some dove hunting. It handled the game loads without a hitch. All around, I'm completely satisfied with it so far. It's a fairly light-weight gun that seems to be plenty burly and reliable. It's simple to take apart and clean, as well...not to mention I got 3 doves with it.
I haven't shot one. I loved the new technology. Loved the looks. I decided on getting the 870 super mag for two reasons. Availability of parts. There are like 8 million of them and I didn't like the rattle that the forearm of the nova made. When I moved the gun with out holding the forearm it rattled and was quite loose. I figured I didn't want to spook a turkey or deer to a rattling forearm. Other than that I really liked it.
I own a Nova and a 870 Wingmaster. The Nova is a nice waterfowl gun, but have also used it for pheasant and dove. Comes apart for cleaning so easily it will make you wonder what you broke. I like the gun very much and am thinking of a 2nd one. I prefer the 870 for upland game because the grip is a bit thinner and easier to carry all day. Points well and is reliable much like the Nova. As for the 870 Express Super Magnum vs. the Nova, I would take the Nova. Smoother action.
I just bought my first 870 express 3.5" and love it ot death. You do not have to shoot it for a long time to see the difference. The 870 has the smoothest action of any shotgun I or my friends have. Beretta,s, Winchester, Benelli and so forth. The nova looks and feels like a poorly built gun. I would compare it with the browning BPS 3.5". The rails for the forearm slide action are so loose there is so much twist you think it is going to fall apart. The hammer dents myprimer dents made by my 870 are nearly perfectly centered and are deep and clean. I have no reservation in recommending the 870 to anyone. Bang for your buck, I believe there is no greater value.

If it is good enough to be the shotgun of choice for most North American police services, then it should be good enough for us.
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Nova. Hands down, the best value for the money on the market. More gun for the money and better engineering. The gun just plain works. I have shot 870s and my Nova is much smoother and better pointing - for me. Somebody else may think differently, so go shoot them if you can.
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