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buymore said:
I picked up an older 12 g autoloader 2 3/4". It has a B-square saddle mount on it. It has all the same lines as an 1100. Side-by-side it appears to be an 1100. It has the same lines in the wood and all. Underneath part of the saddle mount I can see half of "SPORTSMAN", but I cannot see anything else. I removed the saddle mount and it says "Sportsman 12 Auto" under there. Serial number is P0578XXV. It has a Remington marked smoothbore rifle sight barrel on it. I had the dealer pull a field barrel off another 1100 and it was exactly the same as the rifle sigth barrel on it and it locked up correctly. I test fired (3) field loads in it for function and it cycled just fine. It's too dark to test fire slugs for accuracy tonight. It came with the saddlemount and a Tasco Pro Point red dot, rifle sight smooth bore and a decent cloth padded sling for $375. The gun looks barely shot, and hardly carried too. Is this an 1100? I may want to remove that saddle mount and just use the sights, but I'll have to order trigger group pins to replace when I pull the saddlemount. I need to know what model to order them for. I cannot post pics on this board so far, so I can only describe or answer questions on this one. How can I tell which model I have for sure? Thanks[/b]
Remington has used the Sportsman name on a variety of guns over the years. It sounds like you have the 1100-based Sportsman 12, which was only offered between 1985-86. It is basically an entry level, "Express" grade 1100. A similar Sportsman 12 pump (1984-86) became the 870 Express in 1987.

I would think that parts should be interchangeable with any older 1100. Current production 1100s may have light contour barrels and forends - or overbored barrels and chokes, depending upon model.

By the way, $375 is a great price, given the condition you've described! :D
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