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Remington Model 10A

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I believe the serial # is 217111. I would rate it in very good condition. Any idea of a value? I believe at least the stock has been refinished. It is a pretty good refinish job. It is a 12 gauge.
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A friend of mine gave me one of these guns (Rem Model 10A) today after hearing that my truck got broke into returning from a Tx trip. I had a Fox Model B stolen from my truck and even though is nowhere near the same gun.....what a great gesture by a great friend!! I have never seen one before today so I'll wait to hear what the Rem experts have to say about the value of these guns!
I own an 1927 Remington Model 10A 12ga 2 3/4in 30in barrel full choke.Take-down model. Wood 95% Metal 98% all orignal I paid $235.00 for the gun. Bought thru WWW.GUNSAMERICA.COM.
These guns are available for $150 to $250, Depending on condition, a little mor for the "Long Range" model..Bushrod
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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