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Remington's 2008 available for download

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Here's a link to download the new remington 2008 catalog.
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Yep, been there, done that!! Not much new except for some wild looking gobbler guns with wacky thumb hole stocks, the VTR rifle (like the world needed another AR15 look alike), oh and a new recoil pad. WOW, they went all out in 2008. I guess that's about all the R&D they could afford with the purchase of Marlin in the works.

'nuff said about that I guess...

L'duck <><
Yeah, I wasn't real impressed with the new offerings myself this year.

Every year it's more plastic stocks and express-type finishes.

At least they showed a left handed G3. I have been waiting for the idiots to come out with the 1100 and 870s with the pro bore barrels and in the trap models.
I know this could easily turn into a 'bashing' thread, so I will try to keep it low key in saying that I'm just very disappointed that they seem to be contented to just sit on their laurels. I guess they figured that the 105 CTi was their big innovative contribution for the 21st century, oh and the dress up last year of the 1100 to the G3 version. I do think the G3 is a beautiful shotgun and a reasonable value considering the included hard case, but I find it hard to plunk down cash for a heavy gun with an old operating system. Sure it's a proven design, but why not build a lighter, more mechanically streamlined (no O rings) version. Make some significant improvements without jacking the price up another $200 bucks. They need to give us a reason to buy their guns rather than a reason to look elsewhere IMHO.

Remember to keep it friendly on this thread... :roll:

L'duck <><
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If remington has the Parker for $49,000 -- how about a remake of the model 11 Sportsman.
I was impressed to see that some of the guns still supported wood stocks, and the Wingmasters and 700 CDL's are still looking sharp 8)

Beginner Trap said:
I was impressed to see that some of the guns still supported wood stocks, and the Wingmasters and 700 CDL's are still looking sharp 8)

Yeah, they still make the stuff I want or might want; Wingmaster, 870 Classic Trap, all the 1100 Target Grades. I like the 1100G3's I have handled and the fit and finish on those I have examined was very good.

My 1100 Classic Trap with its standard bore will smoke a trap target at any yardage on the trap field. It's outdated operating system is still the best shooting action I have found for comfortable shooting in 200+ target days, it has 10,000 rounds on the original O ring with no sign of replacement required.

Sounds like the 105 still needs some work, I have examined them closely and have no interest in them, even if they had nothing but flawless operating reports.

Not interested in the re-branded offshore stuff.

New and improoved every year is nice but I have been in the position several times with other companies where the gun I bought and paid a good dollar for was obsolete and hard to get parts for within five years.
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I'm not interested in a gun manufacturer that undergoes complete changes in their line-up on an annual basis. Reminds me of low-end importers constantly searching for a $299 O/U to offer unsuspecting buyers.

I'm very conservative in my taste for guns, and I appreciate the fact that most Remington models are new variations of old favorites that have been around for years. I'll never have to worry about sourcing spare parts in the future for my 1100s or 870.

In reviewing my current collection, I believe the newest gun designs I own are my pair of Winchester SX1s, which were introduced in 1974. All of my other shotguns (even those bought brand new, like my Citori 525) are designs which date back to the 1960s or earlier. Of course, my Model 12 is the oldest design I have!
Maybe they should spend a little time fixing the sh*t they have and then worry about making new Sh*t.

CTI for example - fix mine you bastards! :evil:
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