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1. when u have a shell, that doesnt fire, how long should u wait b4 attempting to unlocking the action to take the shell out of my o/u

2. in my o/u, y is it that sometime the shell casing doesnt eject out of the barrel


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(10/19/02 10:54:45 am)

Gilbo, how long you should wait on an unfired shell varies depending on whom you talk to, some say 30 seconds, some say 1 minute.

On your second question there can be several reasons
(1) tight tolerances on the chamber

(2) oil in the chamber

(3) rust in the chamber

(4) inexpensively built shells expanding too far

(5) weak ejector springs

Anyone else??

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(10/19/02 11:54:32 am)

Also some of the better quality shells with heavier brass base might not eject as far, or apear to be just extracted in guns with weak ejectors eg. Mythos shells and SKB shotguns.

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(10/20/02 9:01:40 pm)

and yet others have very thin rims that ejector lugs find hard to grab

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(10/20/02 9:21:11 pm)

As far as i know with misfires you should take the shell out after say 1 min and drop it in a bucket of water, to "disarm" the shell.

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(10/22/02 12:46:28 am)

Part I.
Dud shells should only be removed by persons whos Trap scores are higher than yours. Immediately hand them the gun and ask them to remove the dud shell. If they refuse then taunt them with any of the following terms:
"Sissy boy", "Scaredy cat", "Big chicken", "Momma's boy". If they still refuse then you must resort to the ultimate challenge to manhood of a "Double dog dare". (Note: Most women are too smart to be affected by these taunts). Otherwise, the advice on the previous posts are pretty good ones (couldn't resist)

Part II
What kind of gun do you have?

Hope it helps.
Jay Gentry
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