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I accidentally posted this in the tactical forum, since my gun is more on the tactical side (synthetic, shorter barrell, but no special sights, gas grenades, whistles, etc.)

I swear I have the worst luck. I took a budy of mine to the range today to teach him how to handle a shotgun.

Only five shells fired and the damn gun breaks!

It's a Norinco defender, model YL12-1j4, 12 ga. 18" barrell, 2 3/4 or 3 inch chamber.

The part that broke was the end of the sliding sleeve. It's grooved like screw or light bulb so that the hoop can secure the forend to the sliding sleeve. So the hoop has part of the end of the sliding sleeve still screwed in.

I took the shotgun to the local gunsmith. His first question: "Who told you this was a Norinco?"

Well, the name was engraved on the gun. Much to my surprise, the gunsmith tells me "This ain't a Norinco. It's a Century."

So, there's good news/bad news.

Bad news: He can't guarantee that he can find a replacement part (sliding sleeve, holds the forend to the mag tube and loads the chamber; this is a pump, btw).

Good news: If he can, it'll be cheaper than $50 to replace.

So, now it's "wait and see."

Here is a link to the same kind of gun I have:

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Pretty sure that they are the same...

Century Arms of St Albans, Vermont was a major importer of Norinco stuff in the 80's...

I have a Norinco (clearly marked as such) SKS that was imported through Century Arms...

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