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Sometimes the holes for the screws can become really obscured through age. My old Super X-1 was like that; I didn't think it had screws at first. In that case it did, but I have seen situations where they were glued on.

If it really is glued, personally, I wouldn't try to remove it myself because it would be really easy to mangle the end of the stock. I'd probably take it to a 'smith, at least to have the old one removed (maybe with a bandsaw or something), and put the new one on myself. But that's just me. In any case, you'll probably have to (re)drill the screw holes, and you might decide that's more than you want to deal with, too.

If you're adventurous, after ensuring there really aren't screws in there, you might try a chisel, flat side to the stock, and tap it in there to see if it gives. If it does it'll probably pop right off. But you have to ask yourself, "Am I feeling lucky?" :)

-- Sam
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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