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restoring an L.C. Smith

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I inherited my grandfather's L.C. smith sxs when he passed away, and I would like to restore it. It is noting too fancy, he was a poor farmer, but he never missed with it. It is pretty sentimental, but in bad shape after all these years. I think he would like it if I restored and used it. Where should I start? I realize that doing this right will take a lot of money and time. Not that I have either, but some things are worth it.
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I'm with Ron,have a good gunsmith look at it to see if it is,or can be easily made "safe". If so,then have it slowly brought back to the condition Grandpa used to have it in. It wouldn't be the same gun if you customized it. My grandfather had an old damascus Francotte that my youngest brother now kind of just sits on,as is. This is fine,but I'd love to have it reconditioned and hunt with it occaisionally.
Good Luck,
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