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restoring an L.C. Smith

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I inherited my grandfather's L.C. smith sxs when he passed away, and I would like to restore it. It is noting too fancy, he was a poor farmer, but he never missed with it. It is pretty sentimental, but in bad shape after all these years. I think he would like it if I restored and used it. Where should I start? I realize that doing this right will take a lot of money and time. Not that I have either, but some things are worth it.
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Sometimes restoring a firearm can destroy it's value. Collectors like them untouched. Seeing how this was handed down and has sentimental value, the firearm would be worth more to you reconditioned. Some things to look at:

Do you want to have screw in choke's installed(what make)?
Do you want the barrel shortened?
Different sights(beads) installed?
What of type of blueing(dark,light,luster)?
New wood or refinnished(checkered)?
Install a pad?
Want engraving with/without gold inlays)?
Do you want all the work done together?

You can have some work done, then when money comes available have some more work done. I saw the Shotgun TV show were they had a Winchester model 21 redone, had to resolder the barrels, engraved with gold inlays, reblued added new wood. On another show they had screw in chokes added. Turned out to be a nice looking shotgun. Hope this helps. Good luck on your project. Keith
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There's nothing wrong with having it returned to factory finish. I just offered some things to think about. Heck, Ryan might just want it factory looking. Even having IN LOVING MEMORY OF with Ryans grandfathers name engraved might be a nice touch. What ever work Ryan has done, I hope he has as much or more fun with that gun as his grandfather did. Hopefully the memorys can be passed down to Ryans grandchildren one day. Keith
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