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restoring an L.C. Smith

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I inherited my grandfather's L.C. smith sxs when he passed away, and I would like to restore it. It is noting too fancy, he was a poor farmer, but he never missed with it. It is pretty sentimental, but in bad shape after all these years. I think he would like it if I restored and used it. Where should I start? I realize that doing this right will take a lot of money and time. Not that I have either, but some things are worth it.
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Yeah, I tried to type a reply, but I guess it somehow was lost. I don't want it customized, but would like to get back to something like it was when new. It isn't really a fancy gun, and I am not worried about killing the collector's value. It isn't going anywhere except down the line. I have several shotguns, but I was taught to hunt by my gradfather, and this one deserves to be hunted with.
The wood is not salvageable in my opnion. A nice piece of mid grade american walnut from wenig or somebody ought to be perfect. The question that comes up is the mechanism and metal work mostly. Does anyone know of someone who can do this without costing an arm and a leg? I might consider having screw in chokes added, but that can wait until the rest is done.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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