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Rifled barrel for Model 11

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Does anyone know if Remington ever made a rifled barrel in 12 ga. for the model 11 ? If so, is it possible to still obtain one ? Thanks.
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If you are thinking of putting one on your grandfathers, built in 1916 as in a previous post, I wouldn't do it. The gun was not designed for modern day slugs, although it is a very strong action.
Anyway I don't think I have ever seen one for sale.
There is such a thing as a rifled choke tube though, but I am not recommending it. Is the old one full choke?
If the stock is not cracked now it certainly will be after slug #1 or any heavy loads.
Use only loads heavy enough to cycle the action, and you could likely get several thousand shots with the gun.
Thanks Jim. Do you or anyone else think it would be OK to shoot 1 1/8 oz loads traveling around 1250 fps in the 1916 model 11. I would love to use it for dove hunting. What would be the danger zone as far as heavy loads to avoid in the old gun. It's cylinder bore. Thanks.
I have a couple of these, I shoot a 1927 M11 D grade at the trap range with factory 1 oz & 1 1/8 oz shells regularly with no problems. Love the gun, my dad had one when I was a kid, (not his that I have, my brother in law has it and won't give it up) so I decided to get one of my own.

Make sure you have the friction rings set properly for the loads you are shooting.

I have another barrel that has been modified for screw in chokes and it came with a rifled choke tube, but I have never shot it slugs through it.

If you are interested in that barrel, PM me, it has not been used in a while and I am cleaning out the gun safe.
I have a number of older M11s. Two of these have had 1000s of rounds through them. Just set the rings correctly and shoot on.

I would not press that gun into slugs if it has a full choked barrel and I would not feed it a diet of short magnums (1 1/2oz). Accuracy probably would be poor with a full choked barrel shooting slugs.
Try the 1 1/8 oz with the rings set at the heavy setting. If it doesn't cycle, set the rings for light loads. I think 1 1/8 would be fine.
My 11 likes my reloads 1 oz @ 1150 fps. The Rem 1 oz. game loads fling the shells too far on my light setting. I did not try at the heavy setting. It also would not cycle my 7/8 oz loads on the light setting.
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