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Basically any grease is fine as long as you clean it off and replace after every day of shooting.

I've used in the past:

Mobil 1 Synthetic grease (I think Shooter's Choice grease in the syringe is repackaged Mobil 1)
Hoppe's Grease
Tri-Flow Grease and Super Lube Grease which I think are the same
Perazzi Grease
CWG Grease
Krieghoff Gun Glide
and others I can't remember

I still have good supplies of all of the above and use all of them except the Hoppe's because the last tube I bought had something wrong with it and it seemed like the lube had separated from the soap. Whichever is most handy to where I am when I'm putting the gun together is the one that gets used. I think from a technical perspective, the Perazzi Grease is the best but it is a pain to clean off and the others seem to do just fine. The Mobil 1 is by far the cheapest because it can be bought by the pound in any auto parts store.

I think I would recommend staying away from petroleum jelly. Best I can recall is that it melts somewhere around 150 degrees F which means its lubricating properties will be lost long before that. It does make a good rust-preventative but don't let it soak into wood.
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