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:) I am right handed, left eyed and I shoot left handed with no problem. I always buy a gun with a thumb safety instead of the triggerguard type. To me shooting left is just as natural as anything else I do. (It lets me point the gun with my dominant arm anyway.) It was fun in the Army trying to load the M1 right handed while havin the rifle in my left shoulder but I figured it out. I held the bolt with the little finger of my left hand and fed the clip down with my right. Instead of using my thumb to push the clip, I used the first three fingers of my right hand. It worked fine. There is nothing wrong with shooting left handed. Some people try to avoid it like the plague but I don't know why. If you hunt with someone, walk on their right so you can swing to your right and he can go to the left. Ain't nothing to it after you do it for over 50 years.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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