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do a word search on this site for "cross" and you'll see the volumes we've written on the subject. It is possilbe to train yourself to shoot left handed or to be right dominant. The one post I read that really caught my attention was about Tom Knapp (current godfather of the shooters circuit) having a hi-viz sight that can help this out. Here is a post courtesy of Tom Knapp from his website

"Hey Kevin it's Tom Knapp

I use a very interesting fiber optic front sight that is designed (with a hollow tube) in front of the bead which helps the shooter in many ways. The most interesting aid of this feature is the fact that the shooter can keep both eye's open and see the bead only with the eye that is directly behind the sight. In other words, you can't cross over with your other eye. This sight works well for about 80% of the shooters with eye dominance problems.

The shooters that complain of eye dominance problems or even the shooters that have trouble with "seeing two barrels" or "two front sights", one of them being a ghostly image, can physically prepare their sighting techniques with an unloaded gun by simply focusing on a small object and then raise their gun into the mounted position (bringing the gun into their line of sight and matching the sight, target, and aiming eye, over and over again. When this gets boring, choose another object and continue until it gets really boring! Then, go to the skeet range and shoot 25 targets from station # 7. Then move to station # 6 for another 25. This helps you coordinate your two eyed shooting skills gradually and when you have had enough practice (with your eyes, not your shooting), the longer shots that require more forward lead will not seem as difficult. Also, on those longer shots, try to use the "Follow Through" forward lead method. This will help you track the targets path which in turn puts you in front as well as above or below the target if the flight path is not completely horizontal.

You can see these fiber optic sights in my Online Store and read more information on how (and what) I use these sights for by clicking this link: ... gories.asp

Tom Knapp

Remember, Think Safety First"
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