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aahagel said:
I need serious help. I am new to shotguns. I realized after two weeks of trying to fit a gun, the problem lies here. I shoot right handed but my left eye is dominant. So what do I do.. get a lefty and learn to shoot and hold it? Or do I get a regular right handed gun and compensate? I am so frusterated I could scream.

Please advise!

Depending on your age and how much you have shot would determine what you have to do. If you are young and havent shot much you should definately switch to the left shoulder and learn how to handle the gun and start shooting both eyes open until you get the feel for it. I switch about 10-20 kids a year to the left side with left dominate eyes and they all become excellent shots and thank me to death....:If you can't master this you can put a piece of tape over your left eyeglass which makes you use your right eye. You can also easily shut your left eye as well and thats what most of my students do...Next is to shoot both eyes open and learn to point instinctively at straightaways and learn to SWING through side targets quickly. But definately don't RIDE targets doing this method. Its just a quick look and BOOM...I have taught several hunters this method and they do just fine. Personally I don't like huge front sights on shotguns like those fiber optic models.. You won't see any of that at a state trapshoot I don't think...You should be looking mostly at the target and those things confuse me. Tom Knappp is very unusual and talented shotgun shooter but he is the only one of those pro's that uses the optic sight...
To correctly determine the dominate eye I use a single lens camera and tell the student to take a pic of me and they will put the camera to the dominate eye every time and they don't even know they were tested.....Hope this is of some benefit to you...

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