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Rizzini S2000 Opinions - Pros & Cons

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Ok, I’m a long time Browning / Winchester / Remington shooter who has no complaints with these brands (O/Us, semis & pumps). I’ve now started looking at a newer Rizzini S2000 28 ga w 32” bbls, for 5 stand & skeet and hoping to get current & past Rizzini owners experiences and opinions. I’ve been reading much over the net but still have questions…

here are some areas of interest

  • I’ve read the Rizzini’s are known to pierce Cheddite primers. true or false for newer S2000s.
  • how does the S2000 compare to Browning Citoris in reliability and ability to access repair service, can any gunsmith get parts to fix most issues?
  • is the S2000 fit & finish better than on Citori high grades?
  • is the Turkish walnut stock a better wood than Browning high grades’ American walnut?

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I shot Citoris for years and love them as well, but will say the only gun I have left is a Rizzini Artemis 20g. Sold my last Browning, a 725 Sporting 20g not because I didn’t love it, but because I just don’t shoot enough anymore to warrant multiple guns. I’ve had 4 rizzinis and all have had excellent quality, fit and finish. My Artemis is stunning and has outstanding wood. The may Citori models I’ve owned have been great guns, maybe a few fit and finish nitpicks here and there but nothing that would stop me from buying that particular gun. As for wood quality, each gun will be individual as I’ve seen some high Brownings with ho-hum wood and same with Rizzini as well, you literally will have to see each gun individually as obviously no two guns are the same. I will say I’ve been much happier with the wood finish on the Rizzinis, just has a nicer look to my eye.
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