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Ron, What do think could be done with this?

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I've got a hankering for a 16 gauge fixer upper and this caught my eye.
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I love project guns but I'd run away from this one. Needs ribs? who's going to make them and at what cost? A fire hot enough to melt the solder could have had a disasterous effect on the strength of the gun. I'm not sure how the Italians install ribs but the Spanish now silver solder them on. Lots of heat to melt it. Even though the springs are still good, that action looks like it's been hot. I'd find an Ithaca NID needing wood, save an awfull lot of money and have a better gun in the end. Project guns are always fun but I've fallen into the money pit at least once too often!

If I had the time and money........

I say go for it

but buy a really nice walnut stock blank.
I have to agree with Ron. If the rib were intact, I'd give it more consideration. The starting price is tempting, but you'd have some serious $ into it. It looks roughly equivalent to an NID like Ron suggested anyway. What do you think of the 3 sxs's on the deal of the month? One of them is a 16ga. Ithaca, but it has damascus barrels. If I had an extra grand to blow I'd find them a good home pronto.
When I saw that deal of the week I thought immediately of you and Jeff23. You boys need to split it, fix those guns up and sell me the 16 gauge :D
Wow, actually quite tempting, especially since Marland looked at 'em. Geez, my wife will go ballistic if I try to buy another gun before spring. The eternal problem . . . :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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