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How's this for a first timer? My cousins husband has been duck hunting for probably 20-25 years. This year I get a wild notion I'd like to go. Okay he says. On a fluke while going into town I spot what I think are ducks sitting off an island on some backwater of the lake where we live, he checks it out and we decide to head there the next day. As fortune would have it we picked a pretty nice spot.Beautiful sunrise, not to cold, clear skies....about 6:30 I hear what sounds like waves crashing onto shore like I was at the beach I kid you not. Turns out was 200-250 ringnecks feeding on the grasses that had grown up in the summer during the drought when the lake level was so low.We shot our limit 15 minutes after they arrived and loaded up and headed home. He claims that it was nothing but beginners luck and thats not what duck hunting is normally like in southeastern virginia. I of course didn't know any better but turns out it's true. Second trip didn't fire guns, nice not to have to clean them I guess, third trip missed two beautiful landing shots(guess I need to figure out how to lead these bird things) he gets a shot and one bird in the boat for the trip home. Fourth and last time before the season is out we go out and once again, not even a shot. Oh well, I do love it and it has raised a new interest in my idea of hunting. Now I can't hardly wait 10 months for the season to get back in, must say the money for the license and stamp is probably the best money I've spent in quite a few years. Well, good luck all and good shooting.
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