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Hello, My father just gave me a 10 gauge 3 1/2" magnum double barrell. The only marking I can find is "Royal Crown Magnum" on the right barrell and then it says is is a full/full choke. On the left barrel it is marked "made in spain" This shotgun is heavily engraved and even the barrels are hammer engraved along the outside of the chamber. I am guessing either bronze triggers or they might even be gold plated? This is a hammerless shotgun also. When you break it down on the underside there are several stamps on both the machined areas of the receiver and the barrels. they range from a shield shape with ZH inside of it, two crossed shotguns, another shield with swords through it, a shield with an X in the center with what appears to be a helmet above it. The engraving on the gun is immaculate and even carries over to the screw heads. There is a plastic cap on the stock down by the trigger that has a shield with a open shotgun above it and the words "MUCHA RESISTRADA" in the lower portion of the shield.

I was hoping that someone might be able to tell me a little bit more about this as to what exactly I might have. If you need photos please feel free to e mail me at [email protected] and I will gladly send them.

I really appreciate your help.

Thank you!

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Thank you VERY much for the information!! I just went to the web site you provided and it looks exactly like their work.

Are or were these an expensive shotgun? I am going to try the e mail address and send them the serial number and hopefully they can tell me the year of manufacture. Dad can't remember much about it, and he thinks he got it in the mid to late 60's.

Thank You once again for helping me out, It is GREATLY appreciated.

-John P-
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