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I have recently heard from several people hear on this forum that the new Red Labels have been having trouble with barrels not firing and the like. I also was thinking of buying one for my first gun. It feels really nice, but there were little things that bothered me. The release lever could be pushed almost out completely and stay there without the action breaking open. The rib would rattle. When opening the action of a new gun you could just work the lever and the gun would fall open. I don't think it should do that. Every other gun I looked at, that was new, had to be worked to get it to break. These little things, and I looked a several different Rugers at different stores (all new), along with the problems I've been reading about on this forum made me decide to not get a Ruger. If there were these little things that just didn't seem right to me for a new gun, what else might there be that I don't see that will come to bite me later. I like their pistols but will stay away from their shotguns. At least for now.
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