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Ruger Red Label O/U

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Looking for an opinion on the Ruger Red Label O/U in SS finish with synthetic stock. Anyone ?
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At almost 8lbs, it's best utillity would be in wetland blind or a boat. I would get it painted over in advantage wetland camo. But still, recoil will be stiff with 3" mags (or is it 3.5"?) and you lose the third shot. If you must have an O/U, and aren't going to carry it, go for it.

Give me a Benelli SBE or give me a fishing rod.
I would choose a high quality autoloader and have it finished in NP3, gunkote, or somesuch aftermarket coating that's very rustproof if that's the route you need. There are no stainless autoloaders on the market right now. Check out the custom 1911 market for the best of aftermarket finishes.
The Rugers are some of the heaviest over and unders money can buy. They are not attractive in my opinion. They might make a nice drift boat anchor though.
I have a Benelli M1 Field 20g. At only 5.8lbs it carries great and the 26bbl swings well. If you want the 12g it weighs 7.3lbs. It is a very versatile gun. From optional in-stock recoil reducer to self defense extended mag tubes to pistol grip stocks, I think it is the most utilitarian option. It also has no messy gas action to clean. Synthetic stocks are worry free. Wood furniture is availabe. If Benelli's good enough for the marines...

Stay away from the O/U's if you dislike recoil or want the third shot. If clays will be your choice however, the ported Browning 525 is a very sweet gun.

The softest shooting gun listed is the Beretta 391 because of its fore-end gas bleed off system. I have not owned one but I understand some elements of cleaning and takedown are not entirely easy.

I had a terrible experience with the Beretta 686 line. I will never buy another one. See the Fabarm post.
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1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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