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Ruger Red Label O/U

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Looking for an opinion on the Ruger Red Label O/U in SS finish with synthetic stock. Anyone ?
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Thank you all so much for your replys. I will check out some other models and see what I can find. I would not mind going with a good quality autoloader but I can not find one in SS finish. Maybe I am wierd for wanting such an animal?

I found a few other O/U that I like that are not stainless. I have given up on that one. What do you think of the following models and selection? Curious to see what someone else has to say about these:

Beretta - 686 Ringneck
Winchester - Supreme® Select, Field
Remington Model 332
Browning - Citori 535 Field

These are the autoloaders I am considering:

Remington - Model 1100™ Sporting
Browning - Gold Upland Special
Beretta - AL391 Urika
Benelli - M1 Model 11000

Comments? I would be using it for all around, target shooting, blasting some crows on my friends farm, some upland, and possibly might eventually try some clays but don't know if I have the eyes for them.

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1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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