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Ruger Red Label O/U

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Looking for an opinion on the Ruger Red Label O/U in SS finish with synthetic stock. Anyone ?
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I love my 20 ga. & 28 ga. Rugers. I tried all the other brands I could find and shoot. The Rugers just fit me best. I still shoot my Citori in 12 ga. but have shot the Ruger 12 and I do not see and difference in the kick that everyone seems to express. As for it being a heavy gun, I don't really get it. I am 195 lbs and you are talking about the difference of a few ounces, well maybe 8 ozs. I think everyone should shoot the gun that fits them best and not what fits someone else. I have met a lot of people shooting Rugers and they have not had any more trouble with there guns, so they say, me included, than any other brand. It is not the nut holding the gun together that hits the clays, Its the one holding the gun.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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