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elber said:
I have been seeing some posts that boast a reputation of "kicks like a mule", but some folks don't seem to think so...

What do all of y'all think?

My opinion, but: A 12 gauge gun is a 12 gauge gun. It can only kick with as much energy as the shell expends. If you're getting hurt by your gun you need to address how you're holding it, how it fits, etc. Yes, a gas operated semi will kick somewhat less due to absorbtion of some of the recoil, but even that reduction is somewhat overrated.

I've shot a Red Label and didn't find it kicked any more than any other 12 ga. They're fine guns and should be considered of the same level of quality as most other $800-1200 guns. Plus Ruger is a great company to deal with (I own 4 - all non shotguns).

-- Sam
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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