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Ruger Woodside

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Hi All

I picked up a new to me gun
I bought a 12 ga. Ruger Woodside with the most beautiful blonde wood. It has 26" barrels and is a low 500 serial number from the 1st year of production

I have yet to shoot it but thats coming this weekend. It was shot very little. I have the original boxes and all the choke tubes as well.

It has a small spot of discoloration on the top barrel by the breech from where it looks like someone touched it and did not wipe it before storing in the plastic bax in the box for a few years, other then that it is 98%

I paid just about $950 (i traded a few small items and paid rest cash) Did I do good

If not oh well i like the looks of it
now the tough part what do i shoot the Rizzini or the Woody

Rolex Dr.

man i gotta learn to spell or everyone will think Im a drunk
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I've been looking at the Ruger Woodside for a week or so now. How did your new shotgun shoot? The price you paid is better than what I am finding locally.

They are beautify guns. I'm very interested in how it feels and handles.
CDNN has NIB Woodsides priced at $1099.

But there are only 2 choices---a 26in barrelled straight stock and a 30in barrelled pistol gripped stock IIRC.
Hey dirt I don't know what prices you are finding by you but CDNN (ya know they better start paying us for the advertising we give them) has them new in box for $1099 with 30" barrels and pistol grip, or in 26" barrels with straigh english stock.

Click on the catalog and follow the directions to download it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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