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Since the new Forum software makes it so easy to post photos. If you are offering an item for sale, you must include at least one current photo of the item for sale, responses to WTB listings do require that photo also. One of the photos must have the item and a piece of paper with your SGW forum username, item price and first date of sale listing. All must be clearly visible and legible and preferably handwritten. Take notice, there are three things required! This is to help prevent bogus sales offers. Items for sale without this may be deleted without warning or notification.

This is to help prevent bogus sales offers. Items for sale not meeting these requirements may be deleted without warning or notification.

Absolutely no editorials or negative comments regarding the product, the price, the seller, etc. The purpose of the classifieds is to buy and sell. If you do not like a member's price or product for any reason, feel free to PM that member with suggestions, but do not crap on their thread. It is up to the member to set their own asking price and your opinion is not welcome unless specifically asked by the seller. If you see a misleading description or error in the product being sold, please bring it to the attention of the Moderators. Constructive comments, relevant to sales only, are welcome. For instance, "Yes, I have this stock and it will also fit on ABC shotgun". All others will be deleted and the offender may be subject to banning.

Consolidate multiple items to a single post per forum. Please do not create separate threads for each item you are selling. A single post with a hint of the items for sale in the title should suffice.

All items placed for sale in the SGW Classifieds must have a price clearly listed. Any ad posted without a price will be deleted.

No linking to your for sale item on another members thread.
If you have a listing here on SGW, it is your responsibility to check for responses to that message or Private messages about your listing. If I send a message to you about your listing and you do not respond in 24 hours. I am going to throw out your listing. Listings over one year old will be removed. If your listing is removed, you are certainly free to replace it remembering to maintain due diligence on it.

Do not post the same item in multiple forums. Aka, post in the Beretta forum that you have a Beretta listed in the Classifieds. Any such posts will be deleted.

Please edit original post subject line to note items have sold or traded. To edit, use the edit function
on the original post. Just add SPF, Sold, Traded or No Longer For Sale to the subject line or after the item for multiple item ads. Adding a post that an item has been sold is also welcome.

Please wait a minimum of two days from your last post for a bump to top post.

This section is for complete Semi-Auto shotguns only! Parts or pieces of any gun are to be posted in the "Other Classified Classifieds".
This section is not for Rifles or for Pistols.

By listing an ad or responding to an ad you agree to hold Shotgunworld, its owners, employees and moderators harmless in all transactions and are agreeing to abide by all the rules set forth by Shotgunworld. By posting or reading an ad, you are agreeing that Shotgunworld will NOT be held responsible for the content of any message, the selling, buying, or trading of any item, product, or service. You also agree that in no way will Shotgunworld be held liable for any transaction at the Shotgunworld Classifieds, including but not limited to injury and/or death. By creating a post, or making a transaction, you are agreeing to these terms. We reserve the right to ban a member, edit or delete any post for any reason.

For Buyers and Sellers:
1. When buying/selling firearms, you must abide by all federal, state and local laws and regulations. You may only ship guns to a FFL holder per Federal law. ONLY SHIP TO THE ADDRESS ON THE SIGNED IN INK FFL YOU HAVE IN YOUR HAND. (Faxed copies now accepted) You can confirm the validity of the FFL by entering their FFL number here: FFLeZCheck 3.1.2 - Federal Firearms License Search
2. Try to get online references from the buyer/seller before you agree to a sale.
3. Request a phone number and address from the buyer/seller and speak to the interested party before any transaction is made. You can normally get a "sense" if the party on the other end is legitimate or not. 4. Having several current pictures to view will benefit both the buyer and seller in assuring that they both agree on the condition of the item they are purchasing/selling.
5. It is highly advised for any firearm to be shipped to do so with insurance and delivery confirmation, along with tracking and shipping receipt.
6. Requesting/providing a three day inspection period is also good practice to ensure the buyer is satisfied with their purchase and that there are no problems with the item.
7. Lastly, if there is a problem, please try and work it out in private before lambasting someone on the forum.


* Also, please beware of PMs from new members asking to buy an item and willing to send a check for MORE than the item is worth and/or asking you to send the item out of the country *
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