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Runaway Lab!

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I cannot seem to keep my yellow lab home and within his fence for anything! I had him neutered thinking this may solve the problem,it has improved some,but the minute you take your eye off him he's under the fence. He was 1 1/2 yrs old when he was nuetered,so I'm thinking he got a taste of something he likes and has yet to forget! Around 1 yrs old was when I adopted him and I think he may have been abused by children? Many a kid he does not like!! He seems to have an agressive side to people he does not know/like? Anyone associated w/ me he seems to be fine with (sometimes!). Any info would be helpful,I'm running out of ideas.
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Go get you a DT or Tritonics collar.

Work on Sit, Stay, Come and Whoa.

Get the DT or Tritonics video.

You'll learn when to buzz, bump or weld his *** shut.

The two of you will be life long buddies once he figures out he's not in charge.
You might have to throw that to a professional. Hopefully one out here. There is a user GoDoggo out here that trains professionally, maybe a quick pm to him. All the trainers I've talked to said that agression of any sort cannot be tolerated at all, but I also don't know how to cure it.

Good luck brother, I wish I knew how to fix that for you.
Chickenwire is another way to keep them from digging.

Use plastic ties to tie the top couple of inches to the fence then put a right angle at the ground and use long yard staples to get the chickenwire to stay down on the ground. Don't forget to move your mower up an inch or so and the grass will grow right through it and eventually you'll not even know it's there. Dogs will remember when they try to dig.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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