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Runaway Lab!

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I cannot seem to keep my yellow lab home and within his fence for anything! I had him neutered thinking this may solve the problem,it has improved some,but the minute you take your eye off him he's under the fence. He was 1 1/2 yrs old when he was nuetered,so I'm thinking he got a taste of something he likes and has yet to forget! Around 1 yrs old was when I adopted him and I think he may have been abused by children? Many a kid he does not like!! He seems to have an agressive side to people he does not know/like? Anyone associated w/ me he seems to be fine with (sometimes!). Any info would be helpful,I'm running out of ideas.
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If he is digging under the fence a solution is to burry fence posts 8 to 12 inches down just on the indside of the fence. It's a pain but does stop them from digging under the fence. I know I did this on close to 240 feet of fence. Not a fun thing to do but it worked for the most part. In the long run I think the invisible fence idea is much easier to accomplish and better in the long run.
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