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Runaway Lab!

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I cannot seem to keep my yellow lab home and within his fence for anything! I had him neutered thinking this may solve the problem,it has improved some,but the minute you take your eye off him he's under the fence. He was 1 1/2 yrs old when he was nuetered,so I'm thinking he got a taste of something he likes and has yet to forget! Around 1 yrs old was when I adopted him and I think he may have been abused by children? Many a kid he does not like!! He seems to have an agressive side to people he does not know/like? Anyone associated w/ me he seems to be fine with (sometimes!). Any info would be helpful,I'm running out of ideas.
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He is trained on the Tritronics sport 60.He knows all the commands,and when I'm not around the yard he feels its time to leave! The wife and I are considering invisble fencing but are relocating in 6-8 months. I guess for now I will always have the collar on. He is a very head strong dog,and sometimes seems to do things (commands) reluctantly,and I don't think I can ever change this in him. Any tips on his sporadic aggression? :twisted:
I would not hesitate to get rid of him if he was'nt such a good dog in the field! That and my kids will not let me,he is somewhat a family dog as well. My kids have never been bothered by him as far as the aggression goes,maybe he knows it would be his last move,ever! Thats why I can't understand his lack of knowing (or wanting to know) right from wrong. Maybe I need to refresh his training by doing the repetition thing. Like I said before he listen's very well and follows direction well but has a mind of his own when orders aren't being given. When we hunt it's like he has a different mindset (like we do!!) and we are totally connected. possibly he was stray for awhile I'm not sure. Just looking for some more comments. Thanks
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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