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Runaway Lab!

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I cannot seem to keep my yellow lab home and within his fence for anything! I had him neutered thinking this may solve the problem,it has improved some,but the minute you take your eye off him he's under the fence. He was 1 1/2 yrs old when he was nuetered,so I'm thinking he got a taste of something he likes and has yet to forget! Around 1 yrs old was when I adopted him and I think he may have been abused by children? Many a kid he does not like!! He seems to have an agressive side to people he does not know/like? Anyone associated w/ me he seems to be fine with (sometimes!). Any info would be helpful,I'm running out of ideas.
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Hey everyone,

I am new around here, but have a suggestion. My female yellow lab became an escape artist at an early age. I tried burying bricks, large landscaping timbers, a hot fence, and even burying chicken wire around the base of the fence. Nothing seemed to work, she would dig deeper or slip through the tightest spots to get out. Then I read something interesting about poop. Labs are clean dogs and like potty areas separate from everything else. So I would put my lab's own poop around the fence line and it did the trick. Didn't take much at all and she seemed to learn the lesson. I did have to go through retraining with her when I moved recently :wink:
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