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Rust...oh the horror !

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Need some help. WHile showing my WInchester 101 20 gage to my father in law, I denoted some rust spots just beginning on the forearm clip. I was horrified as I wipe the gun down without fail every time I use it or handle.

I have been using wd 40 or remington gun oil on a t short.

Any suggestions on how to nip this in the bud and do a better job go forward ?
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Thanks WWB! Sounds like I am being forced to go back to Sportman's Warehouse. While picking up this stuff, I may accidently stumble by the shotgun display. Hope my credit card card doesn't fling itself on to the counter again. My wife hates when that happens.

While I appreciate your graciousness, I am unable to accept your hard earned cash for such a lowly firearm. I just can't allow you to humiliate yourself by being seen with such a useless, substandard shotgun. It must remain my cross to bear.

101's are terrible shotguns to own. They have a tendency to put you in embarassing situations. Why, just the other day I pulled it out of the case. Just the sight of the 101 caused birds to fall from the sky. My father in law told me to put it back in the case before I was over limit ! :lol:

Seriously, thanks again for your advice. My 101 thanks you !
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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