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There certainly have been a lot of wild pheasants shot with 20 ga. Since you have made your decision I suggest you stick with it. You have or will become proficient with your gun and it should work fine for you.

Since you are bringing a 12 ga you can always switch to it. Part of your decision will depend on whether the birds are holding tight and flushing close or away. If away, you may need the extra "reach" of a 12. That is determined by many factors such as type and ability of the dog used, weather, previous hunting pressure, and how late in the season you go.

You will be, however, in the minority with a 20 as most hunters use a 12 ga as their all around shotgun. That doesn't necessarly mean we are right it just is the way it is.

Hope you have a good hunt.... Are you planning your trip for yet this year, or next season? What state are you thinking of coming to?

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