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S686E vs Franchi Veloce

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Saw but did not handle an S686E (20 ga/28") at Dick's today... too many Christmas shoppers to get at the gun. Nice looking, seemed a low price for a Beretta.

I've been considering a Franchi Veloce 20ga, like the light weight for quail hunting. Will also use the gun for sporting clays, but casually. Couldn't find the S686E on the Beretta site, but am interested in opinions as to how the two guns compare.

Also, any other suggestions for a versatile 20ga?

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My 2 cents says both would be great quail guns and both would be on the light side for sporting clays. If an ultra light quail gun is what you're after go for the Veloce, if you are looking for a little better all around gun get the Beretta. The Beretta should last longer, but unless you do a lot of shooting, you probably won't notice.
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