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S686E vs Franchi Veloce

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Saw but did not handle an S686E (20 ga/28") at Dick's today... too many Christmas shoppers to get at the gun. Nice looking, seemed a low price for a Beretta.

I've been considering a Franchi Veloce 20ga, like the light weight for quail hunting. Will also use the gun for sporting clays, but casually. Couldn't find the S686E on the Beretta site, but am interested in opinions as to how the two guns compare.

Also, any other suggestions for a versatile 20ga?

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Don't have any experience with the Franchi, but own a 686E in 20ga with 28" barrels. Use her for upland hunting(pheasnat/grouse/quail) and occasional sportingclays. Weight is approx 6 1/2 lbs, well balanced. Light enough to carry all day and spot shoot at quick birds, heavy enough to swing well on sporting targets. I previously owned a Whitewing in 20ga with 26" barrels but the extra weight of the 686E and slightly longer barrel length made a big difference for me. The Whitewing seemed too light for me to shoot well. I also beleive that the 686E is no longer being imported for the US market (The White Onyx has supplanted them as the entry level SC gun) but are still being produced. I wouldn't hesitate to pick one up, Mine is a keeper. See Jaquas and/or Joel Etchen Guns if you can't find them local. Borh have decent prices.
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