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S686E vs Franchi Veloce

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Saw but did not handle an S686E (20 ga/28") at Dick's today... too many Christmas shoppers to get at the gun. Nice looking, seemed a low price for a Beretta.

I've been considering a Franchi Veloce 20ga, like the light weight for quail hunting. Will also use the gun for sporting clays, but casually. Couldn't find the S686E on the Beretta site, but am interested in opinions as to how the two guns compare.

Also, any other suggestions for a versatile 20ga?

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You might be able to find one on the following sites"

Also you might be able to get a used one for around $1000 to $1300. Spend the extra money on clays or a hunting trip!

FYI, my buddy shoots that Franchi and likes it, however he had some mechanical issues w/ it. I have 4 Berettas and I have never had any mechanical issues w/ any of them. I bought 2 used and 2 new.

My friend's Franchi might be an exception to the rule because I have always heard that Franchi makes a very good gun, however if it were me I would spend a little more money for the Beretta. You'll get most of the difference back between the 2 guns if you ever sell the Beretta. They tend to hold their value very well. Just my $0.02.
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