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Dear Member

The Saiga-12 gauge magazine project has been steadily progressing over the last few weeks. Currently the dies have been machined and are in the refinement phase. The magazines will be constructed from steel and will feature a ten round capacity. A chemical resistant coating will also be applied to the magazines to provide long term protection. We would like to apologize for the delay in production and delivery to the market; however, we feel that it is our responsibility to provide customers with a quality product. is working hard to have the magazines available for the holidays; we cannot guarantee that will happen. Please visit our website for pictures and further details of the steel S-12 magazine. Email: [email protected] for comments and or questions.

Product features:

1. All steel construction
2. Ten round capacity
3. Siaga-12 gauge compatible
4. Chemical resistant coating
5. U.S. made

SaigaSolutions commitment to excellence remains quality first with no exceptions!

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