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Savage Model 30 Pump--Anybody know the history?

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Hey All
Landed a M30E pump .410 a few years back for something just over a hundred and a quarter. This is a pretty nice gun with decent walnut and a vent rib. It is made on the 20 gauge frame, with a "boxed carrier" to work the thinner shell. It was not feeding when I got it, that portion of the pot metal trigger guard housing that limits the steel carrier travel was peened. I put a small hardened screw in place under the carrier, and turned it out 'til the little gun fed properly. No more feeding problems, but she fails to extract once in awhile. I think the extractor hook dismounted, cleaned, and reshaped a little will cure that. My question is, does anybody know if the very early Model 30's utilized a steel trigger housing? 1958 seems a little early to me for pot metal. With the butt stock mounted to the trigger housing such as it is, this casting is not up to the job, a weakness in the design that showed up in Vietnam M77 combat versions or so I read.
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